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Research funding includes support from:

Department of Energy

National Science Foundation

CPLA Director: Cary Forest

CPLA Office

3290 Chamberlin Hall
1150 University Avenue
Madison, WI
Tel: 608-262-3595
Fax: 608-262-7205

The Center for Plasma in the Laboratory and Astrophysics is located within the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin, and is a Center of the College of Letters and Sciences.

The center supports a diverse set of plasma physics research activities that involve experimental, theoretical, and computational physics efforts. Major research projects include the development of magnetic confinement for fusion plasmas and investigation of fundamental physics processes in astrophysical plasmas. The center provides a supportive environment for graduate and undergraduate research at the leading edge of plasma physics research.

Undergraduate Employment

If you are an undergraduate interested in working for the CPLA, you can find more information here .

Activity:Principal Investigator:Contact:
MSTJohn Sarff(608) 262-3595 or jssarff [at] wisc.edu
RWMCary Forest(608) 263-0486 or cbforest [at] wisc.edu
PCXCary Forest(608) 263-0486 or cbforest [at] wisc.edu
MPDXCary Forest(608) 263-0486 or cbforest [at] wisc.edu
CMSOEllen Zweibel(608) 262-7921 or zweibel [at] astro.wisc.edu
MHD TurbulenceStanislav Boldyrev(608) 262-2338 or boldyrev [at] wisc.edu
Transport in Fusion DevicesPaul Terry(608) 263-0487 or pwterry [at] wisc.edu
Plasma AstrophysicsEllen Zweibel(608) 262-7921 or zweibel [at] astro.wisc.edu
RFP TheoryPaul Terry, Carl Sovinec(608) 263-0487 or pwterry [at] wisc.edu

The research is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, and the National Science Foundation.