Workshop Presentations

Session 1 — Piero Martin, Chair

High current operation in RFX-mod: Scenario development and density control Roberto Cavazzana
Scenarios for high-current operation in RELAX Sadao Masamune
Helical states, high toroidal field, and high current in MST Brett Chapman
Latest advances in system identification
and synthesis of MHD controllers for EXTRAP T2R
James Drake
RFP helicial equilibrium reconstruction with V3FIT-VMEC David Terranova

UW Plasma Physics Seminar

Non-axisymmetric equilibrium reconstruction - V3FIT James Hanson

Session 2 — Daniel Den Hartog, Chair

RFP miscellanea Dominique Escande
Time-resolved soft-x-ray imaging diagnostics for the study of MHD modes Akio Sanpei
Plasma boundary in RFX-mod: topology, flow and transport Nicola Vianello
Helical states with field reversal and finite beta in dissipative incompressible MHD Ivan Khalzov
Outward impurity convection in RFX-mod RFP Marco Valisa
Two-fluid effects on tearing and relaxation Carl Sovinec
MHD simulations of the RFP with anisotropic thermal conductivity Marco Onofri
Modeling the sawtooth cycle and stochastic transport in MST Josh Reusch
Suppression in a coherent structure of localized current and vorticity Juhyung Kim

Session 3 Sadao Masamune, Chair

KTX: A new reversed field pinch program in China Jinlin Xie
Active MHD control experiments in RFX-mod RFP and tokamak discharges Lionello Marrelli
Electrostatic mode locking and mode suppression in RFPs Richard Nebel
Control of ideal and resistive MHD modes in RFPs with a resistive wall John Finn
Pellet injection experiments on MST Kyle Caspary

Session 4 James Drake, Chair

Density transport analysis of RFX-mod SHAx states in 3D geometry Rita Lorenzini
Progress in characterization of low-A RFP plasmas Kensuke Oki
High resolution SXR emissivity and two-foil Te characterization in RFX-mod helical states Alberto Ruzzon
Improved performance and evidence of separatrix formation in HIT-SI David Ennis
MHD effects with oscillating loop voltages Karsten McCollam
Plasma heating and suppression of core mode amplitude during NBI on MST Jay Anderson
Energetic Ions in the RFP: Creation and Confinement Daniel Den Hartog
Momentum transport experiments with neutral beam injection on MST Mark Nornberg
Measurement, modeling, and analysis of the neutral density profile in MST Scott Eilerman

Session 5 Marco Valisa, Chair

Microturbulence studies in RFX-mod Fabio Sattin
Gyrokinetic studies of microtearing modes Daniel Carmody
Internal Measurements of Density and Magnetic Fluctuations in MST-RFP Liang Lin
Experimental studies of high-frequency electrostatic and magnetic turbulence in MST Derek Thuecks
Technical progress in MHD active control at RFX-mod Anton Soppelsa
Stabilization of the resistive wall mode by a rotating shell Carlos Paz-Soldan
Error field assessment from driven rotation of external kinks at Extrap-T2R Franceso Volpe

Special Discussion:Directions for RFP Research Dominique Escande, Chair

Developing the RFP reactor concept John Sarff
Syngergistic research with tokamaks, stellarators, etc Piero Martin
Basic science opportunities Mark Nornberg