Presentations at LAPD-16

Title Presenter
Application of a dispersion interferometer using a ratio of modulation amplitudes to LHD and future prospects T. Akiyama
Laser-spectroscopic electric field measurements in ans-pulsed microplasma in nitrogen P. Boehm
Thomson scattering on COMPASS tokamak plasma edge profile P. Bohm
Atomic bromine density measurements in HBr inductively coupled plasma by two-photon absorption laser-induced fluorescence J-P. Booth
Density Fluctuation Measurement using Millimeter Wave System in the HSX Stellarator C. D. Deng
From present fusion devices to DEMO: a changing role between diagnostic and modeling A. J. H. Donne
Maintaining Upgrading and Expanding the Role of Thomson Scattering on DIII-D D. Eldon
X-ray Thomson scattering in dense plasmas with a seeded x-ray laser Siegfried H. Glenzer
Spectroscopic and X-Ray Scattering Models in SPECT3D I. E. Golovkin
Outline of optical design and viewing geometry for divertor Thomson scattering on MAST Upgrade J. Hawke
Multi-Wavelength or Spatially Resolving LIF Detection System R. Hood
Imaging Thomson-Scattering System on OMEGA J. Katz
Studying ion equilibration and collective modes in ultracold neutral plasmas with spatially resolved LIF spectroscopy T. C. Killian
Polarimetric spectra analysis for tokamak pitch angle measurements J. Ko
Electron Temperature and Density Measurement of Tungsten InertGas Arcs with Ar-He shielding gas mixture M. Kuhn-Kauffeldt
Alignment of the Thomson scattering diagnostic on NSTX B.P. LeBlanc
Simulation of Plasma Ionization and Spectral Properties with PrismSPECT S. K. Kulkarni
Poloidal rotation velocity measurement with an MIR system on KSTAR W. Lee
CARS and LIF studies of non-equilibrium nsec pulsed molecular plasmas W. Lempert
Optimization of J-TEXT three-wave polarimeter-interferometer system Q. Li
Laser-Based Faraday-Effect Measurement of Magnetic Fluctuations and Fluctuation-Induced Transport L. Lin
Design of Far-infrared Polarimeter/ Interferometer System for EAST tokamak H. Q. Liu
Millimeter Wave and THz Plasma Diagnostic Development N. C. Luhman Jr.
Diagnosing tokamak-like neutral density profiles with TALIF on a helicon R. M. Magee
Bringing LIDAR Thomson scattering into the 21st century for JET and ITER M. Maslov
Measurement and Interpretation of the Velocity Space Correlation of a Laboratory Plasma Fluctuation with Correlation of a Laboratory Plasma Fluctuation with S. Mattingly
Plasma Density Measurements in Noble Gas Discharges via THz Time Domain Spectroscopy St. M. Meier
Density fluctuation measurements of the GAMMA 10 plasma by using the Fraunhofer diffraction method Y. Morikawa
Detailed Modeling of the Statistical Uncertainty of Thomson Scattering Measurements L. A. Morton
Plazwire technology and the use of laser-aided diagnostics for its future evolution K. Muraoka
Development of saturation spectroscopy for plasma diagnostics S. Nishiyama
Temporal and spatial mapping of oxidized species in pulsed laser deposition plasmas K. Orsel
A polarization-based Thomson scattering technique for burning plasmas E. Parke
Progress on Thomson Scattering in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment D. J. Schlossberg
Two-Dimensional Imaging of Atomic Hydrogen in Pulsed Non-Equilibrium Nanosecond Plasmas Using Femtosecond TALIF Jacob B. Schmidt
Two photon absorption laser induced fluorescence measurements of neutral density profiles in a hydrogen helicon plasma E. E. Scime
Study of helicon plasmas using laser Thomson scattering and laser-induced fluorescence B.H. Seo
Measurements of the ion drift velocities in the presheaths of plasmas with multiple ion species Greg Severn
An optical design and accuracy estimation for a JT-60SA edge Thomson scattering diagnostic H. Tojo
Coherent scattering diagnostics of plasma thrusters S. Tsikata
Plasma diagnostics using multi-heterodyne interference of optical frequency comb Keiichiro Urabe
Diode-laser heterodyne interferometer for measurement of electron and gas number densities in microplasmas Keiichiro Urabe
Laser-based diagnostics for retention measurements and understanding plasma-surface interactions H. J. van der Meiden
Laser-aided diagnostics on a cool atmospheric pressure plasma jet A. F. H. van Gessel
Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy: Transition from UV/VIS into the MIR using quantum cascade lasers J.H. van Helden
Two-photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence measurements of atomic nitrogen in atmospheric plasma jets E. Wagenaars
Optimization of polychromators of the LHD Thomson scattering system for backward and forward scattering measurements I. Yamada
Design and demonstration of the double pass Thomson scattering measurement in LHD R. Yasuhara
Progress in Development of the ITER Edge Thomson Scattering System E. Yatsuka
Electron temperature and density measurements by using the Thomson scattering system in the tandem mirror GAMMA 10 M. Yoshikawa
High-Repetition-Rate Laser for Thomson Scattering on the MST Reversed-Field Pinch W. Young
Quasi-3D ECE Imaging of MHD instabilities in the KSTAR Tokamak G. S. Yun
First results of the J-TEXT high-resolution 3-wave polarimeter-interferometer system G. Zhuang
Two Minute Poster Introductions