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Three Talks on FESAC Priorities Panel Effort (combined pdf)  
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  Tuesday :: Wednesday :: Thursday :: Friday
Tuesday, May 25
7:30 Continental Breakfast, Monona Terrace Convention Center (special advanced registration required)  
8:30 Welcome and Administrative Matters  
  Magnetic Relaxation and Confinement Chair: D. Craig
9:00 Invited: Generalized Cowling Theorem A. Boozer
9:30 Invited: Relaxation in MFE Experiments T. Jarboe
10:00 Break  
10:15 RFP Confinement with Varying Degrees of Relaxation J.K. Anderson
10:35 The Role of Fluctuations on Energy Confinement in the
SSPX Spheromak
H. McLean
10:55 Experimental Studies of the Detailed Dynamics Underlying
Spheromak Formation
P. Bellan
11:15 First Clear Evidence for Magnetic Relaxation in Coaxial
Helicity Injection Discharges in the HIT-II Spherical Torus
A. Redd
11:35 Panel Discussion  
12:05 Lunch  
1:30 Poster Session #1 (Refreshments 2:30-3:00)  
  ICC Community Issues – Session 1  
3:00 FESAC Panel on Priorities (Overview) M. Mauel
Effects of Plasma Flow and Flow Shear Chair: B. Nelson
3:15 Invited: Effects of Flow and Flow Shear in NSTX J. Menard
3:45 Invited: Perspectives on the Suppression of Turbulence by Sheared Flow P. Terry
4:15 The Maryland Centrifugal Experiment and Velocity Shear Stabilization of Ideal MHD Interchanges A. Hassam
4:35 Equilibrium and Stability of Rotating Plasmas in a Mirror Geometry A. Aydemir
4:55 Formation and Sustainment of a Sheared Flow Z- Pinch R. Golingo
5:15 Experiments with a Supported Dipole M. Mauel
5:35 Panel Discussion  
7:45 Tour of local UW Experiments  
Wednesday, May 26
7:30 Continental Breakfast, Monona Terrace Convention Center (special advanced registration required)  
  FRC/MTF: Physics, History, and Status Chair: R. Milroy
8:30 Invited: FRC History, Physics, and Recent Developments A. Hoffman
9:00 Invited: New Results in Plasma Implosion Techniques T. Intrator
9:30 Numerical Study of the Formation, Ion Spin-up and Nonlinear Stability Properties of FRCs E. Belova
9:50 Break  
10:05 Merging Spheromaks to Access Large s FRC Dynamics C. Cothran
10:25 Formation of target Field-Reversed Configuration plasma for MagnetizedTarget Fusion in FRX-L S. Zhang
10:45 Stabilizing Effects of Rotating Magnetic Fields (RMF) on Field Reversed Configurations (FRC) H. Guo
11:05 Panel Discussion  
  Stellarators Chair: S. Knowlton
11:35 Invited: Stellarator Physics and Status of World Program M. Zarnstorff
12:05 Invited Paper: Electric Fields in Stellarators T. Pederson
12:35 Lunch  
2:00 Poster session #2 (Refreshments 3:00-3:30)  
  Inertial Fusion Energy Chair: F. Thio
3:30 Invited: Inertial Fusion Energy: Challenges and Opportunity M. Cambell
4:30 Invited: Innovations in Heavy Ion Fusion S. Yu
5:00 Invited: Innovations in Z-Pinch Fusion C. Olson
ICC Community Issues - Session 2  
8:00 Community Meeting with DOE F. Thio
Thursday, May 27
7:30 Continental Breakfast, Monona Terrace Convention Center
(special advanced registration required)
  Networking, Diagnostics and Modeling Chair: J. Gauvreau
8:30 Invited: Grid Computing and Collaboration Technology in Support of ICC D. Schissel
9:00 Invited: Reconstructing Experimental Equilibria S. Sabbagh
9:30 Invited: MHD "Spectroscopy" D. Maurer
10:00 Break  
10:15 Invited: Spheromak Transients and Energy Confinement C. Sovinec
10:45 Simulations of Sustained HIT-SI Operation in the Present Experimental Regime and Beyond V. Izzo
  Mirror, Liquid Wall Chair: G. Wurden
11:05 Invited: Advances in GDT Physics A. Ivanov
11:35 Axisymmetric Tandem Mirrors: Kinetic-Stabilizer Studies R.F. Post
11:55 The Lithium Tokamak – Results from CDX-U and the Design of LTX R. Majeski
12:15 Lunch  
1:30 Poster Session #3 (Refreshments 2:30-3:00)  
  Reactors Chair: P. Politzer
3:00 Invited: The Physics of Fusion Energy J. Perkins
3:30 Invited: Reconsidering Old Ideas S. Woodruff
4:00 Discussion  
4:15 Invited: D-3He Physics and Fusion Energy Prospects J.Santarius
  Innovative Concepts Chair: P. Politzer
4:45 Business Needs Regarding Fusion: Lessons Learned from Alternative Energy J. Loman
5:05 Axisymmetric Mirror Stabilized by the Shaped End Wall D. Ryutov
5:20 Fusion-Fission-Fusion Fast Ignition Plasma Focus F. Winterberg
5:40 Helical Drive for RFPs and Stellarators R. Nebel
6:30 Workshop Banquet, Monona Terrace Convention Center (no-host bar begins at 6:00)  
Friday, May 28
7:30 Continental Breakfast, Monona Terrace Convention Center
(special advanced registration required)
ICC Community Issues – Session 3 Chair: M. Mauel
8:30 Update on Priorities Panel Macroscopic Plasma Behavior Working Group G. Navratil
8:55 Update on Priorities Panel Multi-Scale Transport Behavior Working Group P. Terry
9:20 Break  
9:30 Two Parallel Discussion Sessions for the Above Working Groups  
11:00 Summary of Discussion Sessions G. Navratil / P. Terry
11:30 End workshop