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Lab:OfficeOffice Phone
MST Control room1233B265-3093
Mechanical/Tool Crib3274262-2339
High Bay1233263-5699
Phase II/Vacuum2260890-1098
Optics Room3258262-2339
MST Capacitor Bank12703-5699
LHCD Laboratory 22522-2339
PPS Project Vacuum Development22602-2339
LHCD Capacitor Room22762-2339
RWM Lab1242265-9467
Lab Space/Clean Vacuum1147890-1098
Line-Tied Storage Area1203
Line-Tied Lab12055-9467
Plasma Dynamo Laboratory1205A5-9467
Line-Tied Control Room12425-9467
MPTSS/FIR/FTSS 2279890-1099