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A pulse-burst laser system for Thomson scattering on NSTX-U, D.J. Den Hartog, M.T. Borchardt, D.J. Holly, A. Diallo and B. LeBlanc, Jinst 12, C10002 (2017).


Experimental Demonstration of the Collisionless Plasmoid Instability below the Ion Kinetic Scale during Magnetic Reconnection, J. Olson, J. Egedal, S. Greess, R. Myers, M. Clark, D. Endrizzi, K. Flanagan, J. Milhone, E. Peterson, J. Wallace, D. Weisberg, C. B. Forest, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 255001 (2016).




Cosmic Ray Sampling of a Clumpy Interstellar Medium, E.T. Boettcher, E. Zweibel, T. Yoast-Hull, J. S.Gallagher, ApJ 779, 12 (2013).


The sheared-flow stabilized Z-pinch, U. Shumlak, Chadney, J. and Golingo, R. P. and Den Hartog, D. J. and Hughes, M. C. and Knecht, S. D. and Lowrie, W. and Lukin, V. S. and Nelson, B. A. and Oberto, R. J. and Rohrbach, J. L. and Ross, M. P. and Vogman, G. V., Fusion Science and Technology 61, 119 (2012).


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Interferometry Techniques for Fusion Plasmas, D.L. Brower, W.X. Ding, V.V. Mirnov, M.A. Van Zeeland, T.N. Carlstrom, Fus. Sci. Technol. 56, 983 (2009).

Interferometry Techniques for Fusion Plasmas, D.L. Brower, W.X. Ding, V.V. Mirnov, M.A. Van Zeeland, T.N. Carlstrom, Fus. Sci. Technol. 56, 983 (2009).


Motional stark effect diagnostic for multi-chord measurements of plasma beta in GDT, G. F. Abdrachitov, P. A. Bagryansky, D. J. Den Hartog, A. A. Ivanov, S. A. Korepanov, A. A. Lizunov, G. Fiksel, and D. A. Khilchenko, Fusion Sci. Tech. 47(1T), 159 (2005).

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Current profile modification experiments in EXTRAP T2R, M. Cecconello, J.-A. Malmberg, G. Spizzo, B. E. Chapman, R.M. Gravestjin, P. Franz, P. Piovin, P. Martin, J.R. Drake, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 46, 145 (2004).

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Reconnection scaling experiment: a new device for three-dimensional magnetic reconnection studies, I. Furno, T. Intrator, E. Torbet, C. Carey, M.D. Cash, J.K. Campbell, W.J. Fienup, C.A. Werley, S.V. Wurden, G. Fiksel, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74, 2324 (2003).

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Increased confinement improvement in a reversed-field pinch using double-pulsed poloidal current drive, Y. Yagi, H. Koguchi, Y. Hirano, T. Shimada, H. Sakakita, S. Sekine, B. E. Chapman, and J. S. Sarff, Phys. Plasmas 10, 2925 (2003).


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Dynamics of a, .jpg .jpg, .jpg, , (1987).

Dynamics of aa, .jpg .jpg, .jpg, , (1987).

Trapping of Gun-injected Plasma by a Tokamak, A.W. Leonard, R. N. Dexter, and J. C. Sprott , Phys. Fluids 30, 2877-2884 (1987).

Dynamics off, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic2, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic3, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic5, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic6, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic7, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic8, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic9, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic10, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic11, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic12, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic13, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic14, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamics of15, Lucas, , , (1987).

Dynamic, Lucast, , , (1987).

Equilibrium Studies of a Poloidal Divertor Pinch with a Reversed Toroidal Field, J.S. Sarff, J. C. Sprott, and L. Turner , Phys. Fluids 30, 2155 (1987).

Dynamics of, test, , , (1987).

Dynamics of aaaa, test.jpg.%00, , , (1987).