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Instability, Turbulence, and 3D Magnetic Reconnection in a Line-Tied, Zero Net Current Screw Pinch, M.I. Brookhart, A. Stemo, A. Zuberbier, E. Zweibel, and C. B. Forest, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 145001 (2015).


Wall-locking of kink modes in a line-tied screw pinch with a rotating wall, C. Paz-Soldan, M. I. Brookhart, C. C. Hegna, C. B. Forest, Phys. Plasmas 19, 056104 (2012).

Asymmetric error field interaction with rotating conducting walls, C. Paz-Soldan, M. I. Brookhart, C. C. Hegna, and C. B. Forest, Phys. Plas. 19, 72511 (2012).


Stabilization of the Resistive Wall Mode by a Rotating Solid Conductor, C. Paz-Soldan, M. I. Brookhart, A. T. Eckhart, D. A. Hannum, C. C. Hegna, J. S. Sarff, and C. B. Forest, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 245001 (2011).

Plasma Gun Array, C. Paz-Soldan, , Physics Today, Backscatter 64, 100 (2011).

Two-dimensional axisymmetric and three-dimensional helical equilibrium in the line-tied screw pinch, C. Paz-Soldan, Brookhart, M. I. and Clinch, A. J. and Hannum, D. A. and Forest, C. B., Physics of Plasmas 18, 052114 (9 pp.) (2011).


The rotating wall machine: A device to study ideal and resistive magnetohydrodynamic stability under variable boundary conditions, C. Paz-Soldan, W. F. Bergerson, M. I. Brookhart, D. A. Hannum, R. Kendrick, G. Fiksel, and C. B. Forest, Rev. Sci. Instr. 81, 123503 (2010).


Observation of Resistive and Ferritic Wall Modes in a Line-Tied Pinch, W. F. Bergerson, D. A. Hannum, C. C. Hegna, R. D. Kendrick, J. S. Sarff, C. B. Forest, Phys. Rev. Let. 101, 235005 (2008).


Onset and saturation of the kink instability in a current-carrying line-tied plasma, W.F. Bergerson, C.B. Forest, G. Fiksel, D.A. Hannum, R. Kendrick, J.S. Sarff, S. Stambler, PRL 96, 015004 (2006).