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21st Fusion Energy Conf, 2006-10-18 - 2006-10-21, Chengdu, - Talks and posters

Confinement of High Energy and High Temperature Ions in the MST Reversed Field Pinch, G. Fiksel, A.F. Almagri , J.K. Anderson, A.D. Beklemishev, B.E. Chapman, D. Craig, V.I. Davydenko, D.J. Den Hartog, D. Ennis, S. Gangadhara, B. Hudson, A. Kuritsyn, A.A. Ivanov,R.M. Magee, V.V. Mirnov, R. O'Connell, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, V. Svidzinski, and Yu.A. Tsidulko,, , (2006).

Two Fluid Dynamo and Edge- Resonant m=0 Tearing Instability in Reversed Field Pinch, V.V. Mirnov, C.C. Hegna, S.C. Prager, C.R. Sovinec,  and H. Tian, , (2006).

Oscillating Field Current Drive in the MST Reversed Field Pinch, J.S. Sarff, A.F. Almagri, J.K. Anderson, A.P. Blair, D.L. Brower, B.E. Chapman, D. Craig, H.D. Cummings, B.H. Deng, D.J. Den Hartog, W.X. Ding, F. Ebrahimi, D.A. Ennis, G. Fiksel, S. Gandadhara, K.J. McCollam, P.D. Nonn, R. O'Connell, J.A. Reush, S.C. Prager, , (2006).

Momentum Transport and Ion Heating from Reconnection in the Reversed Field Pinch, V.A. Svidinski, F. Ebrahimi, V. V. Mirnov, S. C. Prager, , (2006).