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APS DPP03 Meeting, 2003-10-27 - 2003-10-31, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Talks and posters

The Hall dynamo in MST reversed field pinch plasma, A.F. Almagri, D. Craig, D. J. Den Hartog, G. Fiksel, V. Mirnov, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, University of Wisconsin-Madison, , (2003).

Observation of tearing mode deceleration and locking in MST due to eddy currents induced in the conducting shell, B.E. Chapman, R. Fitzpatrick, D. Craig, P. Martin, and G. Spizzo, , (2003).

MST Progress and Plans, D. Craig, MST Team, -, - (2003).

Core Magnetic Fluctuation Measurements In a High-Temperature Plasma by Faraday Rotation., B.H. Deng, W.X. Ding, D.L. Brower University of California, Los Angeles J.K. Anderson, D. Craig, G. Fiksel, C.B. Forest, D. Holly, V. Mirnov, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, V. Svidzinski, and the MST Group University of Wisconsin-Madison, , (2003).

Current Profile Control by ac Helicity Injection, F. Ebrahimi, S. C. Prager. University of Wisconsin- Madison, , (2003).

CHERS measurements in MST, D.A. Ennis, B. E. Chapman, D. Craig, D. J. Den Hartog, G. Fiksel, D. J. Holly University of Wisconsin-Madison Intensity (a.u.), , (2003).

The spectral motional Stark effect (MSE), D. Hartog, -, , (2003).

Magnetic Topology. Ion Confinement In The Equilibrium Field, B. Hudson, -, , (2003).

Transition From Single Fluid To Pure Electron MHD Regime Of Tearing Instability, V.V. Mirnov, C.C.Hegna, S.C.Prager, , (2003).

Current Drive in the Madison Symmetric Torus Plasma Response to Oscillating Poloidal and Toroidal., P.D. Nonn, J. Reardon, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, A.P. Blair, J.K. Anderson, D. Craig, F. Ebrahimi, G. Fiksel, T. Lovell, K.J. McCollam, University of Wisconsin Madison, , (2003).

Thomson Scattering system will measure single shot profile. F/2 collection lens. Filter polychromators., R. O'Connell, -, , (2003).

High Power Antenna Design for Lower Hybrid Current Drive in MST, M.A. Thomas, J.A. Goetz, M.C. Kaufman, S.P. Oliva University of WisconsinMadison, , (2003).

Study Pellet Injection in MST. Experimental Setup. Experimental Results, M. Wyman, , , (2003).