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APS DPP07, 2007-11-12 - 2007-11-16, Orlando, Florida - Talks and posters

EBW Heating Experiment on the MST, J. K. Anderson, W. A. Cox, C. B. Forest, , (2007).

Diagnosis of the Lower Hybrid System on MST, D.R. Burke, J.A. Goetz, M.C. Kaufman, A.F. Almagri, J.K. Anderson, S.C. Prager, , (2007).

HXR Measurements Show Improved Confinement in Quasi-single-helicity Plasmas, D.J. Clayton, , , (2007).

Fokker-Planck Modeling of X-Ray Emmission Due to Electron Bernstein Wave Heating in MST, W.A. Cox, J.K. Anderson, C.B. Forest, R. O'Connell, , (2007).

Ion Heating During Reconnection in the Madison Symmetric Torus, D. Craig, A. Almagri, B.E. Chapman, D.J. Den Hartog, D.A. Ennis, G. Fiksel, S. Gangadhara, V.V. Mirnov,, , (2007).

Momentum Transport and Flow Generation from Stochastic Magnetic Fields, D. Craig, A. Almagri, D. Brower, D.J. Den Hartog, B.H. Deng, W. Ding,G. Fiksel, A. Kuritsyn, M. Miller, V. Mirnov, J.S. Sarff, S.C. Prager, T. Yates and the MST Team, , (2007).

Tearing Mode Flow Measurements in MST, D. A. Ennis, D. Craig, S. Gangadhara, D. J. Den Hartog, F. Ebrahimi, G. Fiksel, V. V. Mirnov, S. C. Prager, , (2007).

High Power Neutral Beam Injection System for the MST, G Fiksel, A. Almagri, B.E. Chapman, D.J. Den Hartog, S.P. Oliva, S.C. Prager, J.S. Sarff, , (2007).

Overview of MST Results and Plans, John A. Goetz, and the MST Team, , (2007).

Fast Ion Generation in the MST, Richard Magee, B.E. Chapman, D.A. Ennis, G. Fiksel, R. O'Connell, , (2007).

Fokker-Planck modeling of 2 keV Thomson Scattering electron temperature measurements on the MST, R O'Connell, Dj Den Hartog, HD Stephens, JA Reusch, MT Borchardt, , (2007).

High Time Resolution Analysis of Thermal Transport and Magnetic Stochasticity During a Sawtooth Event in MST, J.A. Reusch, J.K. Anderson, F. Ebrahimi, A.F. alkowski, D.J. Den Hartog, C.B. Forest, R. O'Connell, H.D. Stephens, , (2007).

A new hybrid inductive scenario for a nearly steady-state Reversed Field Pinch, J.S. Sarff, , , (2007).

Electron temperature fluctuation measurements using a two-pulse Thomson scattering diagnostic on MST, H. D. Stephens, A.F. Falkowski, D. J. Den Hartog, R. O'Connell, J. A. Reusch, , (2007).

Upgraded Oscillating Field Current Drive On MST, D.R. Stone, K.J. McCollam, P.D. Nonn, J.S. Sarff, S.C. Prager, , (2007).