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APS DPP09, 2009-11-02 - 2009-11-06, Atlanta, Georgia - Talks and posters

Fluctuation-induced particle transport and density relaxation in a stochastic magnetic field, D Brower, , , (2009).

Lower Hybrid wave absorption on the MST, D.R. Burke, A. F. Almagri, D. J. Clayton, C. B. Forest, J.A. Goetz, M.C. Kaufman, , (2009).

Standard RFP Discharges have Poor Runaway Confinement and do not Generate Hard X Rays, D.J. Clayton, , , (2009).

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Overview of MST Results and Plan, J.A. Goetz, MST Team, , (2009).

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Parallel and perpendicular ion heating in the MST RFP, R, Magee, , , (2009).

Two-Color SXR Tomography on MST, M.B. McGarry, J.A. Goetz, D.J. Den Hartog, P. Franz , , (2009).

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Simulated and Measured Electron Thermal Transport with Varying Stochasticity in the MST RFP, J.A. Reusch, J.K. Anderson, D.J. Den Hartog, F. Ebrahimi, C.B. Forest, R. O'Connell, D.D. Schnack, H.D. Stephens, , (2009).

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