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APS DPP 2016 , 2016-10-31 - 2016-11-04, San Jose, California - Talks and posters

Fast Ion Transport in the MST Reversed Field Pinch, P.J. Bonofiglo, J. K. Anderson, W. Capecchi, J. Kim, S. H. Sears, J. Egedal, , (2016).

Maximizing MST's inductive capability with a Bp programmable power supply, B.E. Chapman, D.J. Holly, C.M. Jacobson, K.J. McCollam, J.C. Morin, J.S. Sarff, A. Squitieri, , (2016).

Simulation of MST Tokamak Discharges with Resonant Magnetic Perturbations, B.S. Cornille, C.R. Sovinec, B.E. Chapman, A. Dubois, K.J. McCollam, S. Munaretto, , (2016).

Anisotropic electron tail generation during tearing mode magnetic reconnection, A.M. DuBois, A.F. Almagri, J.K. Anderson, D.J. Den Hartog, J.S. Sarff, , (2016).

Prototype detectors for measuring poloidal magnetic flux with an ion beam probe, P.J. Fimognari, T.P. Crowley, D.R. Demers, P.J. Fimognari, and T.D. Kile, , (2016).

T.P. Crowley, D.R. Demers, O. Grulke, R. Laube, and the W7-X Team, P.J. Fimognari, Prototype detectors for measuring poloidal magnetic flux with an ion beam probe, , (2016).

Measuring the viscosity with a resonant magnetic perturbation in the MST RFP, R. Fridstrom, B. E. Chapman, A. F. Almagri, T. Nishizawa, L. Frassinetti, P. R. Brunsell and J. S. Sarff, , (2016).

Behavior and mitigation of runaway electrons in MST tokamak plasmas, J.A. Goetz, B.E. Chapman, A.F. Almagri, B. Cornille, A. DuBois, K.J. McCollam, S. Munaretto, and C.R. Sovinec, , (2016).

Validation of Extended MHD Models using MST RFP Plasmas, C.M. Jacobson, B.E. Chapman, D. Craig, K.J. McCollam, C.R. Sovinec, , (2016).

Fast ion generation and runaway through magnetic reconnection events in MST, Kim, J.K. Anderson, W. Capecchi, P.J. Bonofiglo, S.J. Sears, , (2016).

Prospects for measuring shifted- and non-Maxwellian electron distributions with Thomson scattering on MST , S.Z. Kubala, D.J. Den Hartog, A.M. DuBois, C.M. Jacobson, L.A. Morton, W.C. Young, , (2016).

Comparing nonlinear MHD simulations of low-aspect-ratio RFPs to RELAX experiments, K.J. McCollam, D. J. DEN HARTOG, C. M. JACOBSON, C. R. SOVINEC, S. MASAMUNE, A. SANPEI, , (2016).

Suppression of runaway electrons with a resonant magnetic perturbation in MST tokamak plasmas, S. Munaretto, B.E. Chapman, A.F. Almagri, B.S. Cornille, A.M. DuBois, J.A. Goetz, K.J. McCollam, C.R. Sovinec, , (2016).

Measurements of drift-wave-induced density and velocity fluctuations using high-speed passive spectroscopy, T Nishizawa, D. Craig, D.J. Den Hartog, M.D. Nornberg and J.S. Sarff, , (2016).

Recent upgrades to MST'’s soft-x-ray spectroscopy diagnostic, M.D. Pandya, A. C. Scherer, J. Clark, A. M. DuBois, A. F. Almagri, B. E. Chapman, , (2016).

Overview of MST Research, J.S. Sarff, MST Team and Collaborators, , (2016).

Damping Rates of Energetic Particle Modes and Stability With Changing Equilibrium Conditions in the MST Reversed-Field Pinch, S.J. Sears, A.F. Almagri, J.K. Anderson, P.J. Bonofiglo, W. Capecchi, J. Kim , , (2016).

Drift wave turbulence in the edge region of MST reversed eld pinch plasmas, D.J. Thuecks, A.F. Almagri, J.S. Sarff , P.W. Terry, , (2016).

Two-Fluid Magnetic Relaxation in the MST Reversed Field Pinch, J.C. Triana, A.F. Almagri, K.J. McCollam, J.S. Sarff, C.R. Sovinec, , (2016).

Effects of neutral dynamics on ion energy transport in enhanced confinement MST plasmas, Z.A. Xing, M.D. Nornberg, D.J. Den Hartog, S. Kumar, J.K. Anderson, , (2016).