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High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics, 2010-05-16 - 2010-05-20, Wildwood, New Jersey - Talks and posters

Diagnosis of fast electrons via X-ray spectroscopy on MST, D.J. Clayton, A. F. Almagri, J. K. Anderson, D. R. Burke, B. E. Chapman, C. B. Forest, J. A. Goetz, M. C. Kaufman, and R. OConnell, , (2010).

HIBP Operation in Time Varying Equilibria of Improved Confinement RFP Discharges , D.R. Demers, X. Chen, P.M. Schoch, P.J. Fimognari, , (2010).

Pulse-burst laser systems for! fast Thomson scattering", D.J. Den Hartog, , , (2010).

Upgrade of Far-Infrared Laser-Based Faraday Rotation Measurement on MST, W.X. Ding, D.L. Brower, W. Bergerson, L. Lin,T.Yates ,B. Chapman, D.J. Den Hartog, J. Reusch, J. Sarff and MST team, , (2010).

Port field error effects on MST HIBP and EBW systems, P. Fimognari, A.A. Almagri, J.K. Anderson, D.R. Demers, J.S. Sarf, , (2010).

Initial Operation of a Pulse-Burst Laser System for High-Repetition-Rate Thomson Scattering, W.S. Harris, D.J. Den Hartog, and N.C. Hurst, , (2010).

Differential Interferometry for Measurement of Density Fluctuations and Fluctuation‐Induced Transport, L. Lin, W. X. Ding, D. L. Brower, W. F. Bergerson, T. F. Yates, A. F. Almagri, K. J. Caspary, B. E. Chapman, J. S. Sarff, T. Tharp, , (2010).

Toroidal charge exchange recombination spectroscopy measurements on MST, R.M. Magee, D.J. Den Hartog, G. Fiksel, S.T.A. Kumar, D. Craig, , (2010).

Techniques for Using SXR Emission to Measure Electron Temperature , M.B. McGarry, P. Franz, D.J. Den Hartog, J.A. Goetz , , (2010).

Determining Fluctuation Wavenumbers with an HIBP on an RFP , P.M. Schoch, X. Chen, D.R. Demers, P.J. Fimognari, , (2010).